About the hotel

Palace Hotel & Spa Durrës is a 5-star luxury hotel on the Adriatic Sea coast in Albania.

Since 2013


The creation

Our luxury hotel first opened in June 2013. The key value of Palace Hotel & SPA Durrës is its team of professional staff. Location, comfort and cleanliness are also highly appreciated by our guests. Our home will be your destination for unforgettable experiences.

The city of Durrës

The destination

The city of Durrës can be compared to the largest cities in the ancient and medieval Mediterranean. The Epidamn city – Dyrrah was built by Ilirians – Taulants, the Dallendyshas in the XIII-XI century BC.

Due to the Mediterranean climate conditions, the most suitable area to live was the Erzen River as well as the Western Seaside around it. On the coast of the Gulf of Durres, was settled the first center or Limani and was called Dyrrah (dy rrahe – two swords) to identify the resemblance of the two slopes from the peninsular configuration of the reefs.
According to ancient authors, this city was founded by two Illyrian kings named Dyrah and Epidamn. At the time of Emperor Anastasios I (491-519) and Justinian I (527-565), the city underwent significant transformations in the urban structure, assuming the features of a typical Byzantine-Christian city.

Are you in love with archaeology or a born adventurer? Albania is the destination that fulfils all these, in the heart of the Mediterranean, the crib of a rich heritage with architectural values, as well as destinations for extreme sports lovers. Visit the archaeological remains of Durrës, such as the Roman Amphitheatre, the Forum, the Venetian Tower and the Museum during your afternoons or take advice from our staff to book daily visits throughout Albania.

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